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A missing discipleship

What the monks and nuns can teach us

J.K.Jones has penned the best book on Christian discipleship that has life-transforming lessons that will serve to make your life more meaningful. The heartwarming and eye-opening stories of Christ and books explaining the passages from the Bible authored by Jones hint at the incredible addition that this life-changing book will be.

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This one of the recent books on spiritual formation is a book of hope, spirituality, and happiness. The fast-paced life and world make you restless. A void forms in your hearts for a reason unbeknownst to you and for which you continue to seek answers with no success in sight. It is during these times that these top books on spirituality act as your guide, introducing peace and contentment in your life. J.K.Jones has a wonderful collection of classic books on spiritual formation that you can refer to mend the voidness in your life.


Jesus Speaks

This is the word of the risen Christ, the one who has eyes like flames of fire, who holds seven stars in his right hand and who searches the minds and hearts of all humans.


These six magnificent Bible passages give shape to this special study focused on the ridiculous love of God. In Jesus Christ, our Savior, is the real life example of what this love looks like.

We Speak

This is the word of the risen Christ, the one who has eyes like flames of fire, who holds seven stars in his right hand and who searches the minds and hearts of all humans.
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et me start by saying, I’m not very good at talking about myself. I’m considered a senior citizen, though I don’t feel old. I’ve been married to the same woman 40 years and counting. She is, without exaggeration, my best friend. I think of myself as the richest man in the world, mostly due to my wife and my two beautiful and godly daughters. Both have flown from the nest. One is married. One is single. Two grandchildren have entered my life thus far, and have won my heart. My son-in-law is a trusted friend.

Become More Focused In Your Life with the Tops Books on Spiritual Formation

Books on spiritual transformation introduce you to the realities of life, and you begin to look at things from a different lens. You learn mindfulness which serves to improve your life as you become more aware of your surroundings.

The Christian discipleship books make you realize the blessings around you that you otherwise take for granted. With the realization comes the ability to show humility and gratitude that lights up your world and makes you more humble. Your life, your attitude, and your perception all transform from the insightful books for Christian discipleship.

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While books are your best friends, the spiritual ones are both your friend and mentor. A Missing Discipleship is a book that can change your life with enlightening events and tales that come straight from the experiences of monks and nuns. Monks and nuns devote their entire lives to the study and work of religion and humanity. They have ample lessons to guide you to live a peaceful, meaningful, and happy life, bringing you closer to God in whom you should place your trust in.

Spiritual reading purifies your soul and pushes your thoughts into making yourself a better version of yourself. You find new meaning in life and gain more control and composure even in stressful situations. Having Christian books about discipleship revamps your thinking and totally changes your lifestyle. J.K.Jones has authored remarkable and top books on spiritual formation that you can buy here and witness the positive change that it brings to your life.

These best-selling Christian spiritual formation books teach you many invaluable lessons. Topping all these is the lesson of valuing humans and your relationships. It spreads love and joy in your life and community as you learn to care for eachother. When people become more important than things and material instincts, depression, pain, and oppression all automatically disappear.

Spiritual stories pull you toward God and his infinite blessings upon humans. Your trust in His help and His plans strengthens you. When you understand that things are decreed by God, you become happy and satisfied knowing you have God on your side who is going to care for you and has the best things planned out for you.

Books on spirituality change your attitude and make you more optimistic in life. The contentment and peace of mind that relying on God offers you makes you carefree. You focus on working hard and leave the rest to God. It saves you from stress and unhappiness that sometimes shadow your mind and vision, robbing you of the ability to do something greater.

You can also find Christian discipleship ebooks or place your order here to get hold of the best books on spiritual transformation by J.K.Jones. Make your life more meaningful with these incredible books to read.